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Where San Francisco pizza chef Tony Gemignani grab...
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Susana Guerrero, SFGATE

Oct. 20, 2022

Amid the babble and laughter of customers dining at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, Tony Gemignani whirls past the dining room and chats briefly with a staff member before he heads back to the kitchen. The owner of the famous North Beach pizzeria at the corner of Union and Stockton streets is dressed in a chef’s white shirt with a green and red stripe that he pairs with a long white apron. When he returns to a prep table, his short sleeves reveal arms decorated in colorful ink. His left hand displays a pizza cutter tattoo with an arched red handle — a subtle nod to his craft.  

Gemignani takes a plump dough round and kneads it into a flat disk. He carefully scoops a spoonful of sweet marinara sauce onto the blank canvas and smoothes it evenly in a circular motion. Next comes pinched basil, fresh mozzarella, a dash of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. After a 60- to 90-second bake at 900 degrees, the raw dough transforms into one of the restaurant's top sellers: a pillowy, classic Margherita pizza.


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