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Documentary spotlights San Quentin marathon runner...
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My neighbor Chanda teaches yoga at San Quentin.

  • By Jeffrey Anderson | Special to The Examiner |
  • Sep 20, 2023 Updated Sep 20, 2023

A group of prisoners, members of the 1,000 Mile Club, run in the San Quentin State Prison yard. The new documentary “26.2 to Life” highlights some of their stories.

In San Quentin State Prison, they are known as convicts doing time for burglary, drug trafficking, assault or murder. But on one day in November, they are known as marathon runners, and now their stories have been chronicled in a new documentary.

For nearly two decades, inmates inside the maximum-security prison in Marin County have been part of the 1,000 Mile Club — an organization that challenges them to run 1,000 miles during the course of their sentences. The club’s biggest event is the 26.2-mile marathon and it is the subject of ”26.2 to Life,” opening Friday with a sold-out show at the Roxie Theater in the Mission.

Documentary spotlights San Quentin marathon runners


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