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What Restaurant Trends Emerged in California This ...
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Much of the focus of this short piece is on San Francisco. I've been following the restaurant scene in the San Francisco/Bay Area more or less since the seventies. Even though I'm basically a vegetarian and eat rather simply, I feel that the food scene is an interesting and vital expression of culture.

I really enjoyed past Chron food columnists such as Patricia Unterman or GraceAnn Walden, even Michael Bauer; the current crop, not so much.

A conversation with New York Times food editors about how food in the Golden State is changing.

By Soumya Karlamangla

Dec. 6, 2023 - NY Times

Earlier this year, The New York Times released its choices for the 25 best restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

These lists reflect something many readers may not realize: The Times has food journalists all around the country, including in California, who are constantly trying out new restaurants and paying attention to what’s emerging and changing in the world of food.

I spoke with Brian Gallagher and Eleanore Park, editors on The Times’s Food desk who live in the Bay Area, about the year in food trends. We chatted about the evolution of “third culture” cuisine, the spread of high-quality restaurants beyond California’s biggest cities and how A.I. could change dining.

Here’s our conversation, lightly edited:

What Restaurant Trends Emerged in California This Year?


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