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THE GANYC E-NEWS BLAST - (Heading Into 2024 Editio...
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Always interesting to me is what our sister organization is up to in NY City.

Happy holidays, everyone! We hope everyone has been staying busy this month. GANYC thanks all who've come out to recent events, and we have many more planned soon. If you've missed any of our monthly meetings or public events, most of them are recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

Some GANYC news and notes as we close out the year...

In addition to monthly meetings and members FAM tours, GANYC's big event for the first half of 2024 is our 50th Anniversary Party. Yes, GANYC is turning 50! More info to come, but for now save the date of Friday, March 1. This event, to be held at 92Y, will help celebrate our industry, and our organization.

GANYC will be sending representatives to the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations conference in Siracusa, Italy. We look forward to engaging with our colleagues from all across the world.

Social media note: GANYC is now on Threads! You can also always still find us on Facebook and Instagram as well.

We will also be doing a major relaunch of our website later this month. Stay tuned for that! We hope it will make for a more user-friendly experience, for visitors and members alike.

GANYC continues to advocate for guides on a number of fronts: The ongoing legislative debate over bringing guides back to double-decker buses; the efforts to ban vendors from the Brooklyn Bridge and other such spaces; discussions to return outside guides to the American Museum of Natural History; and more.

THE GANYC E-NEWS BLAST (Heading Into 2024 Edition)


Otterly delightful. Happy Holidays.

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