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The 24 best things to do in the world in 2024
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Just for fun and the days are getting longer...Happy post-solstice.

From festivals and food to good old-fashioned fun, these are the very best things to do over the next 12 months

Edited by Grace Beard

Written by Time Out editors

& Time Out contributors

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Forget ‘saving money’ in 2024. You know what your New Year’s resolution should be? Get out more. Do more stuff. See more of the world. Life is short, after all – and 2024 promises a tonne of unmissable festivals, art, food and music. There are openings and re-openings. Brand-new train routes criss-crossing countries and continents. Whacky places to party. And even if the cossie livs does have you tightening the purse strings, there are plenty of free and affordable events on this list, too. 

So get your booking fingers at the ready: your 2024 bucket list awaits. This is our definitive guide to the coolest new things to do in the world next year. See you out there!

The 24 best things to do in the world in 2024


And I dropped off a few last minute SFTGG gifts for the Christmas toy drive at Code Tenderloin yesterday. This was Shavonne's response.

"That is awesome! Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts which will make a family very happy!"

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