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China, eager for exchanges, pledges return to pre-...
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With an emphasis on flights to San Francisco and the US. I hope it happens. Prior to covid the Chinese were travelling frequently to San Francisco and were very enjoyable tourists for me as a guide. I also really hope that all of this China bashing goes the way of the dinosaur! It's completely stupid and counterproductive IMHO!

  • Though its domestic travel numbers have met or surpassed their pre-pandemic levels, international trips to China have remained stagnant
  • More direct flights, smoother visa process cited by authorities as helpful in boosting exchanges, investment

Judy Cui

Published: 9:00pm, 4 Jan, 2024 - South China Morning Post

China will intensify its efforts to bring international flights to pre-pandemic levels in 2024, with a particular focus on more direct trips to and from the United States and streamlined procedures for entry, its civil aviation regulator said on Thursday.

The declaration came as international exchanges remain at severely diminished levels one year after the country reopened its borders, undermining Beijing’s endeavours to fight decoupling and drive its economic recovery.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), direct flights between China and the US have increased to 63 per week after President Xi Jinping and his counterpart Joe Biden met in San Francisco in November.

China, eager for exchanges, pledges return to pre-pandemic flight pattern


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