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San Francisco’s Tony's Pizza Napoletana Launch...
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True, though often the connotation is that it represents a relationship between males. I'll have to be less hidebound in my understanding and use of the word. 😉

"featuring a friendship or partnership between the two main usually male characters" Webster

Stay warm and dry,

Your buddy Greg :-)

Buddy & Buddies then and now

Beginning in the late 18th century, "Buddy" was a North American alteration of "Brother."
Since then “Buddy” has become another word for "Friend." "Buddy" does not mean just males nowadays.

Here's it's definition:

bud·dy | ˈbədē | informal, mainly North American
noun (plural buddies)
a close friend: they had become the best of buddies.
• a working companion with whom close cooperation is required.

I have had female friends who I thought of as my buddies.

Stay safe and well,

There have been several sources reporting on this. Here's Hoodline's.

Several questions come to mind: 1) Who could eat that much, and 2) Why would you eat that much? And using the word 'buddies" seems very sexist. The presumption is that only males would gather to engage in such an act of premeditated, gastronomic, overkill and unbridled gluttony. 🙂

By Nina Singh-Hudson

Published on February 15, 2024

Pizza lovers, get ready to loosen your belts. San Francisco's beloved Tony's Pizza Napoletana has kicked up the dining experience, introducing a 'Pizza Around the World Tasting Experience.' As of today, February 15, Tony's is dishing out an extravagant menu that's a tour de force of pie. Forking over $500 -- not including tax, health mandate fees, and service charge -- gets you and up to five buddies a guided taste trek through seven international pizza styles. According to SF Eater, the reserved experience boasts exclusive seating from Wednesday to Sunday, perfect for those who can't stand the thought of longing for a slice from the sidelines.

The menu isn't no lightweight. Tony's proprietor, none other than pizza maestro Tony Gemignani himself, reportedly stated, "It’s a lot of food," with a tone suggesting diners come hungry. Based on the culinary journey detailed by SF Eater, patrons kick off with Prosecco and appetizers before encountering a bevy of pies, including the famed leopard-spotted Neopolitan Margherita, a canotto-style Artichoke Joe, and a coal-fired New Haven clam pizza – a rarity in the Golden State. With a Neapolitan Margherita pie that uses wooden boxes straight from Naples to cook just 73 a day, the tour continues towards flavor profiles hailing from the States and beyond.

Things don't stop at the savory; the meal wraps on a sweet note with an assortment of Italian desserts. To wash it all down, there's a selection of wine pairings. This is from the people who've also crafted a rooftop herb and honey garden. They’re serious about quality, only dealing in ingredients worthy of Tony's seal. As per the Yelp listing, the wine directors set up two tiers of Italian vino for pairing – one for newbies at $45 per head and a 'wine enthusiast' option at $60, as long as there's at least a trio of diners.

But Tony's isn't just for pizza fanatics looking to indulge in a marathon. The story goes that this experience is designed for friends to gather, enjoy, and maybe engage in a little friendly rivalry over regional favorites. At the heart of it, Tony Gemignani's just doing what he knows best, serving up heaping helpings just like mom used to. He told SF Eater, "You know, when you came over for dinner you always left with food. So I always kind of mirror my restaurants and portions with how my mom served food at home."

San Francisco’s Tony's Pizza Napoletana Launches $500 'Pizza Around the World' Tasting Experience


15 February 2024 / SF Restaurants, Food & Drink / Jay Barmann

Tony's Launches 'Pizza Around the World' Tasting Menu (For Parties of Six)


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