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Greg Quist

I've been eyeballing this place for months, while riding by on the bus in my hood. I love pizza and this made the list. Bon appetite and spread the good news. It's actually reasonably priced, certainly for slices, and is at Grand at Broadway and a short walk from the 19th Street BART stop.

San Francisco Chronicle - July 25th

The sun is out in the Bay Area — the mood infused with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

This update is a bit of a hodgepodge with some loose themes like affordability, fresh summer options and eggs. OK, the last one is a bit of an exaggeration, but I am adding a new, egg-centered restaurant called Egglicious India, the first of its kind in the region. On the affordability front, there’s New York-style slice spot Mama’s Boy in Oakland with dappled, crunchy and budget-friendly pizza. To cool down, there’s Mariscos El Aguachile 8, a truck in East San Jose known for its blazingly spicy ceviches. Immigrant mothers will tell you that hot soup on a sweltering day has a cooling effect on the body; for that, I point you to Korean restaurant and bone broth master Han Sang in Millbrae.

Mama’s Boy

15 Grand Ave., Oakland

You’re bound to be smitten after one bite of the sizable slices at new pizza restaurant Mama’s Boy. Pepperoni ($5) and house-made sausage ($5.50) excel at straight-to-the-point satisfaction. That’s due in large part to a flavorful dough cooked in an electric oven until it gains a crisp crust and bottom. The mushroom slice ($5.50) gets a zesty zigzag of cream while the burrata slice ($6) is decked out with velvety, decadent cheese — you can add the latter to any slice for $1.50. Other worthwhile additions include chile-laced honey (50 cents) and pickled serrano peppers ($1). The white-walled pizzeria has a clean, minimal aesthetic with a second-level mezzanine. Mama’s Boy is proof that an old-fashioned slice shop will never go out of fashion.



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Indoor seating

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Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Drinks: Beer and wine

Hours: Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday

Phone: 510-400-5404


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