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Napa & Sonoma Cork Oaks
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hi tree lovers!  yes, the VA Home and Hospital in Yountville,  has some nice specimens of cork drives in and turns left and where road turns right there is a nice grove...parking so easya to get out and look...not sure if labelled  (many trees are there!) and i'll look for a map....ranger mia

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mia monroe is teleworking ...she may be reached at 415-725-1630....thank you.  


If I remember correctly, there was a large cork oak on the grounds of the “Napa State Hospital.” However, I haven’t been there in many years, so I don’t know if it’s still the case.


I hope this helps,




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Greetings Guild Members,
I’m wondering if anyone knows the location of any individual cork oak trees in Sonoma or Napa Valleys. Since wine corks come from the bark of these trees, I’m thinking it would be good to show people a cork oak while visiting the wine country.

I thought I remember Rutherford Ranch Winery having one, but I’m wondering if there are any in public locations, where I don’t have to be tasting at the winery. As I’ve come be able at identify the tree, I see that there are several at Lake Merritt near Grand Ave in Oakland. The Chapel Green at St Mary’s College has several. Since the Spanish Missionaries made wine, some of the Missions may have them. I know that the Carmel Mission has one, which is labeled.

Any info is appreciated.
Thank you.

Dennis Butzlaff
Certified Guide SFTGG

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