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Published On 11/20/2022
A pair of internationally minded writers, a chef, an architect and a landscape photographer made a list of the most extraordinary adventures a person should seek out. Here are the results.
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Published On 5/10/2018
Joe d'Alesandro discusses the San Francisco homeless situation with Michael Krasney
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San Francisco

Published On 8/11/2022
Sea lions have rebounded, crowding docks near Pier 39 and attracting tourists. The approximately 250,000 of the pinnipeds along the California coast represent the optimum sustainable population, scientists say.
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Published On 8/10/2018
August 2018 ruling eliminates licensing requirement in Charleston
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Published On 7/26/2018
On July 13, the SFTGG sponsored an educational/social event at Fort Mason in San Francisco. First, we received a 90 minute class on the art of comedic improvisation (graduating class photo shown) which can provide key tour-guide skills and tools. We then adjourned for a fun dinner among the dozens of food trucks at Fort Mason on Friday nights. Finally we capped off the evening with preferred seating at the public BATS Improv showcase. Luck was with us, as the SF Improv school, along with other sister schools elsewhere, were engaged in an Improv Games competition. The winning team would head to Los Angeles to perform for entertainment execs. The stakes were high, so performers were on their game with hilarious results.
The night provided lots of giggles and tour guide comradery, and now we know that all sentences begin with “Yes, and….”
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Published On 1/6/2018
Is the Ocean Winning
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Published On 1/2/2018
Top Hoodline story of 2017 on the passing of Gil Baker in March
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Published On 12/20/2017
Twin Peaks armed robery
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Published On 12/16/2017
One of our speakers is on film. Click to view it.
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Published On 12/15/2017
This is story-telling material for whenever you are passing by Aquatic Park
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Published On 10/26/2022
Website address here followed by description
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SF Celebrities

Published On 11/10/2022
Yes, she used to live in Presidio Terrace, but now she lives on the Lyon St steps.
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Published On 9/29/2022
Join National Park Volunteer Steve Johnson on a walk around the main post of the San Francisco Presidio as he describes how the area has
changed over time, from the nearby Ohlone village, to the Spanish and Mexican presidio, to the long presence of the U.S. Army, and
finally to the transition to a national park. Along the way he will point out the architecture of different periods, notable people who have
lived at the presidio, and the many ways the park today is serving the community. Meet at the Visitor Center at 10 am. Free.
There are food trucks on the weekends, and people can have a picnic on the grounds after the walk.
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Published On 11/4/2020
Mark Leuthold built Community Relations.
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