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Comedy at Ft Mason

Published on 7/26/2018
On July 13, the SFTGG sponsored an educational/social event at Fort Mason in San Francisco. First, we received a 90 minute class on the art of comedic improvisation (graduating class photo shown) which can provide key tour-guide skills and tools. We then adjourned for a fun dinner among the dozens of food trucks at Fort Mason on Friday nights. Finally we capped off the evening with preferred seating at the public BATS Improv showcase. Luck was with us, as the SF Improv school, along with other sister schools elsewhere, were engaged in an Improv Games competition. The winning team would head to Los Angeles to perform for entertainment execs. The stakes were high, so performers were on their game with hilarious results.
The night provided lots of giggles and tour guide comradery, and now we know that all sentences begin with “Yes, and….”